Who will pick me up at the at the airport and how much does it cost?

A member of our team will come and wait for holding the sign with your name on it. The price depends on the length of the journey. Prices start from 15€.

Is it possible to do photo shootings at the apartment?

All our apartments are also available for photo shootings, we have a special agreement with all owners.

Is it possible to stay in hotel?

We can also book a hotel room for you. You can choose from a selection of 3*, 4* or 5* hotels.

What is the minimum booking time with the model?

Minimum booking time is 2 hours, the rate starts at 80€/hour + travel expenses when applicable.

I am looking for specific type of model, can you help me with casting?

Of course, we can help you with casting. We can organise a venue, catering, and obviously models who are interested and might fit your profile.

How many hours is the minimum booking time in the indoor locations and how much does it cost?

The minimum booking time is different for each location, the least is 1 hour and prices start at 25€/hour.

Why do I need to pay for outdoor locations?

We invest our time in scouting the best outdoor locations. Therefore, we require a payment of 50€ for each location. You can shoot there as long as you want, but it’s necessary to count with bad weather or people around.

Do I need a permission for photo shooting in Prague streets?

Officially permission is required, but from our experience for photo shooting for your portfolio, you don’t need it. For commercial use and big productions, we can manage a permit for photo shootings in the streets of Prague or any other city around Czech Republic at cost price.

Can make up artist also do the hair?

All our make-up artists can do the hair, are very creative and help you with basic styling.

What is costume service?

Our professional stylist will take care of the style of your photo shooting. You will show her what style you would like to achieve, she will take care of the clothes and accessories, and she will assist you during the whole photo shooting. Her rate starts on 500€.

How much does it cost to book a private driver?

The rice is different, depends on the length of time and the journey. Average price for private driver is 150€/day in Prague and its surroundings.

Do I have to bring my equipment?

Apart from your camera and preferred lenses, we advise to take an additional flash light. We can also arrange any equipment that you need. We just want to know it in advance what equipment you need so we can quote the rental costs and book the equipment for you.

Do I need an assistant?

In case you need additional support during your photo shooting, the assistant is the right person for you. This is a person who will help you with everything and takes care of a smooth photo shooting.

What do I get when I order catering?

We can organize food and beverage for the whole production. You can expect sandwiches, salads, fruits, biscuits, coffee, tea, and soft drinks.

How do I pay for the production?

After your order we will compile your package, and send it to you in a contract. After signing the contract, we requite 60% of the full amount as a deposit. The rest upon the date mentioned in the contract.

Do I get an invoice?

Of course, for all booked activities through us, you can get an invoice.

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