Remote shootings

Remote shootings offer photographers and models a way to create top-notch images together, even if they're not in the same place. We introduced remote shoots in response to the pandemic, providing an outlet for creativity during quarantine. Over the past year, we've conducted more than a hundred remote shootings with photographers worldwide.

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How does remote shooting work?

First, we set up our Sony a7iv camera with a FE 28-70mm 3.5-5.6 OSS lens on a tripod, connecting it to a computer using a high-speed USB tethering cable. We then launch Sony Imaging Edge, which displays the camera's live view and allows us to control settings and the shutter from the computer.
Next, the photographer and our technical support, Simona, initiate a Zoom video chat. Simona shares the screen, granting remote control access to the laptop. This enables the photographer to adjust camera settings and click the shutter as if they were using their own computer. Simona can also manually adjust camera position and focal length based on the photographer's instructions, bringing their creative vision to life.
Once the remote shoot wraps up, we transfer all RAW or JPG files (depending on the photographer's preference) via WeTransfer

Results of our previous remote shootings

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